IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS  
IIZI was founded in 2001. Due to our customer and modern technology based business model we have been the fastest growing insurance intermediary in Estonia. In 2008 we intermediated insurance contracts with the total value of 32,9 million euros, thus being the biggest insurance intermediary in Estonia.
Our greatest competitive advantage is the ability to effectively manage smaller insurance contracts as well, and through this we can offer quality brokerage service to both smaller and larger clients.
We began with international expansion in 2005. Our objective is to become the leading insurance intermediary in the Baltic Republics and through cooperation projects be also represented in other countries of Europe. In 2006, we made the first step towards this in Lithuania, by founding the insurance broker company E-Draudimas and by buying the company Baltsoft, the field of activity of which is the development of information systems of insurance brokerage companies. At the beginning of 2007 e kindlustus bought a 75% partnership in a Latvian broker firm SIA Janne that has been on the market for 5 years.
Our mission is to facilitate the insurance selling procedure and through this decrease the cost of insurances.

Intermediated premiums (millions of euros)