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Property insurance manages risks related to a company’s tangible assets.

Subject to insurance are:

  • Immovable property (buildings, constructions) and movable property (inventory, production equipment, goods, materials)
  • Business interruption expenses or loss of income from rent due to damage under property insurance
  • Liability related to possession of immovable property

A good property insurance contract is an important part of a company’s sustainability plan. When we put together an insurance programme we consider the distinctive features of the object of insurance and of the economic activities which take place on the property insured.

We help companies assess the probability of the risks related to their activities and the possible impact thereof on their business. Furthermore, we help to assess which risks can be insured and how to go about it the best.

  • We expand the terms and conditions of the insurance company’s usual solutions to make them meet the clients’ insurable interest.
  • We conduct a pre-insurance inspection of the object of insurance to better assess the risks endangering the company’s property.

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