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Mobile insurance

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Mobile insurance is
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Mobile phone insurance covers the most frequent problems with mobile phones. These days you have your entire life in your mobile phone from everyday doings to valuable information.

Despite how well you safeguard your precious smart phone it may easily fall down, get broken or otherwise stop working. Repairing mobile phones takes time and considering how fast technology develops it is also expensive.

You have the option of insuring a mobile phone up to 2 years old and protecting it through insurance everywhere in the world. Insurance covers occasions when your mobile phone gets broken, falls down, overloads (including short-circuits) or is destroyed due to liquid, moisture or sand damage.

Why you should insure your mobile phone through IIZI?

  • It is applicable everywhere in the world
  • Covers all common incidents (breaking, liquid damage)
  • Covers the device’s transport costs
  • You can insure a used mobile phone

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