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Deductible insurance

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Deductible insurance is
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Deductible insurance is an insurance product, which compensates for the damage suffered within the terms of the comprehensive insurance cover. It is an insurance policy entered into in addition to the ordinary comprehensive insurance.

On the basis of the deductible insurance, one can apply for compensation if the inflicted damage exceeds the amount of deductible specified in the comprehensive insurance contract. The deductible damage is paid, depending on the customer´s request, either to the user or the owner.

Deductible insurance can be purchased by dialling 16660 (IIZI customer service line) or sending an e-mail to the following address In addition to this, deductible insurance can be purchased together with the comprehensive insurance policy via Internet!

No later than within three working days from the day when the damage occurred, you should inform IIZI Kindlustusmaakler about the damage and we will register the data and forward the case to an insurer for making a decision about the payment of compensation.

Information about deductible insurance:!

When taking out insurance look beyond the price and read the terms and conditions!