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Advertising campaign: Take the IIZI App!

IIZI has launched a new mobile solution on the insurance market to make the lives of customers even simpler and more convenient. The ad campaign focuses on the IIZI App, which aims to keep all your insurance documents at hand in case you need them.

One of the most important topics for the company this year is the IIZI App. It is an in-house solution developed in cooperation between different departments and based on the needs of the customers. The majority of issues addressed to the customer service concerns reviewing already existing insurance documents and the available IIZI App offers an easy solution.

The ad campaign is intended to last from the end of January to the end of March, but there will surely be other reminders all through the year. The IIZI App is undergoing improvements to offer customers even more and possibly something innovative in terms of the insurance market. 

The message ‘Find IIZI’ invites to identify what is really important to us in everyday complicated situations. Seemingly similar things may not always be those we seek and need. That is also the case with insurance offers from different insurance companies, which may seem very similar but you must always review the terms and conditions to find the most appropriate one. This is where IIZI can help.

The illustrations used are positive and witty. In its advertisements IIZI does not discriminate people by the colour of their skin, their gender or other characteristics. All characters used in the ad campaign are equal. 

The ad campaign is found, above all, in IIZI’s own channels, for example IIZI’s website, templates and social media, but also in print media, outdoor media and other internet channels.


Insuring is iizi.

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