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Always there for you

In difficult times it is important to stick together and be there for each other. The entire team of IIZI’s specialists is working hard to find solutions to insurance issues and to give useful advice.

Everyday business:

You can reach us through different virtual channels and we offer convenient ways to perform everyday actions risk free. Plus you are supported by our entire team with an overview of what is happening on the insurance market.

  • You can still buy insurance digitally without engaging in any contact at, likewise you can still consult with IIZI’s insurance specialists where necessary. Call or write to us and we also encourage you to use the chat option in the bottom right corner of the page.
  • You have a great opportunity to use the IIZI App, where you can buy traffic insurance, find other necessary information and manage your documents and invoices.

IIZI’s travel insurance recommendations:

The coronavirus has had a direct impact on travelling and compensation for damage under travel insurance. This anxious situation has forced people to cut their trips short, flights have been cancelled, travel plans have changed due to quarantine and long-planned trips may not happen.

  • Please consider carefully whether you really need to travel because, unfortunately, nobody knows how long this situation will last.
  • Despite the information spread in the press that no damage caused by the pandemic will be compensated we recommend that you definitely file a written claim with your insurance company because every loss event is reviewed separately and rejection must be justified. 
  • If your trip gets cancelled but you have valid insurance, you should contact the airline or hotel for compensation or an alternative solution; but in the event of a package you should contact the relevant service provider. And also send your insurance company a written notice of damage.

We protect those who are in the greatest danger

We have temporarily closed IIZI’s offices across Estonia but we have found ways to continue with our usual lives while keeping each other safe. 60+ customers in the risk group are under the personal care of their insurance broker and all solutions are found by phone. Please keep in mind that it is safer to avoid public transportation and your car should be insured and ready to go at any time.

Be prepared for anything and one step ahead

This crisis shows us that, unfortunately, events that seem unreal take place when we least expect them to. Therefore, please note that the worldwide pandemic and the subsequent forced isolation at home definitely do not minimise other everyday risks. Your home and your vehicle still need insurance cover for every eventuality.

If you have any questions we urge you to consult with our specialists by calling +372 666 0300 or writing to

Insuring is iizi.

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