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IIZI 24/7 Accident Assistance Service

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IIZI 24/7 Accident Assistance Service is a vehicle-based 24/7 service that makes your life even easier in the event of an accident.

The Accident Assistance Service is useful in the event of damage, regardless of whether the accident occurs at night or during the day. We help you with personal advice and finding the best possible solution for a specific vehicle and situation. To ensure fast and smooth claims handling, we help to prepare a claim and forward it to the correct insurer on your behalf.

As accidents do not announce themselves, we will come to the scene of the accident at any time, if necessary, to fix the incident or reach an agreement with the other party. We also provide legal assistance in situations where a resolution concerning damage fails to meet expectations, such as a reduction in or refusal to provide compensation. Assistance is provided by a lawyer, who will apply his or her knowledge and experience to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

The cost of the IIZI 24/7 Accident Assistance Service service is 1.65 € per month.

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