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IIZI Accident Assistance service

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The IIZI Accident Assistance service is a vehicle-based legal consultancy service provided in case of an accident, which helps to make the lives of policyholders much easier and more comfortable. 

You can purchase the IIZI Accident Assistance service together with the traffic insurance policy, which includes consulting services in case of accidents that occured to a vehicle specified in the traffic insurance policy.

The IIZI Accident Assistance service helps to save a lot of the time spent on the completion of paperwork, to resolve disputes with insurance companies, and to provide fair compensation for damage that conforms to the terms and conditions of the contract. This service guarantees the provision of professional assistance for a more efficient resolution of the situation.

The cost of the IIZI Accident Assistance service is 0.99 EUR per month.

When compensating for damage within the terms of traffic insurance, the Traffic Insurance Act, which is valid in Estonia, serves as the basis for decisions, and all insurers proceed from its provisions in their work. If you purchase the IIZI Accident Assistance service, we will act as your assistant, advisor, and representative.

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