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Voluntary health insurance is a type of insurance that provides compensation for your medical expenses regardless of state health insurance. This means that a health insurance policy helps, above all, if you

  • do not have state health insurance;
  • prefer faster private health services as opposed to waiting in line for services covered by the Health Insurance Fund;
  • also wish to be able to get treatment abroad.

Voluntary health insurance can be bought as standard packages. For example, only hospital expenses, or hospitalisation and family physician and specialist doctor services, or additionally dental care and pregnancy and delivery. The more compensations the package includes, the higher the insurance premium is. You can also choose between different territories of insurance coverage. From Estonia to worldwide. Therefore, you can get treatment in any clinic around the world.   

The price of health insurance depends on:

  • the selected insurance package;
  • your age and state of health;
  • additional risks related to your work or hobbies.

Why take out health insurance through IIZI?

  • With IIZI’s help you can quickly and easily compare offers from different insurance companies
  • IIZI mediates reliable contracts with companies operating on the Estonian market as well as foreign companies
  • IIZI can offer insurance cover that local insurance companies do not provide
  • IIZI can issue policies in which the compensatory amounts are significantly higher than offered by local insurance companies

When taking out insurance look beyond the price and read the terms and conditions!