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Traffic insurance

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Traffic insurance is a type of obligatory insurance that ensures compensation for proprietary damage and personal injuries that you have caused to a victim with your vehicle.

When choosing insurance keep in mind that the terms and conditions applicable to contracts, indemnification principles and restrictions and exclusions are provided by the Motor Insurance Act. Please note that some insurance companies offer additional cover free of charge.

Take out traffic insurance with the IIZI Accident Assistance service that will help you with loss events that can give you problems. This service ensures professional legal aid to find the best solution to the situation at hand. It is a vehicle based service which also helps if you have comprehensive insurance.

If you drive with your vehicle out of Estonia, be sure to take the Green Card. The Green Card is a document in English which proves valid traffic insurance abroad. The Green Card is obligatory outside the Member States of the European Economic Area.

Why take out traffic insurance through IIZI?

  • With IIZI’s help you can quickly and easily compare offers from different insurance companies
  • IIZI keeps track of the expiry of your vehicle’s insurance and lets you know when it’s time to renew the insurance
  • With IIZI’s help you can also compare offers when renewing a policy
  • IIZI helps to always find you the most appropriate insurance solution.

When taking out insurance look beyond the price and read the terms and conditions!