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Vehicle campaign ‘Put Insurance in the Jar!’ 01.09.2019-31.10.2019

IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS is organising a vehicle insurance campaign ‘Put Insurance in the Jar,’ in the framework of which EUR 500 in IIZI insurance credit will be raffled. All of IIZI's clients who have purchased Traffic Insurance or Casco Insurance via IIZI during the period 01.09.2019–31.10.2019 will be participating in the campaign.

Insure your vehicle and win EUR 500 in IIZI insurance credit!
Traffic Insurance can be found here, and Casco Insurance can be found here.

Campaign Terms and Conditions:

1. The campaign organiser is IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS, commercial registry code 10641929, seat Telliskivi 60/2 Tallinn, 10412 Harju County (hereinafter Organiser).
2. The campaign ‘Put Insurance in the Jar!’ is taking place during the period 01.09.2019–31.10.2019 (hereinafter Campaign Period).
3. Campaign message: No more sweet-talk. ‘Put Insurance in the Jar!
4. Everyone who has purchased Traffic Insurance or Casco Insurance during the Campaign Period via IIZI from the following IIZI sales channels –, the IIIZI app, IIZI representations or points of sale across Estonia – will be automatically entered in the campaign prize drawing.
5. The campaign prize is IIZI insurance credit in the amount of EUR 500, which will raffled following the end of the Campaign Period, at the latest on 30.11.2019. The prize is EUR 500 in IIZI insurance credit, which a private person can freely use to purchase any product, such as Traffic Insurance, Casco Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance or Accident Insurance, offered via IIZI.
6. The Organiser will contact the winner at his or her e-mail address or via telephone within 48 hours after the draw has been made, and shall provide further instructions on how to collect the award.
7. The organiser checks the conformity of the winner to the campaign’s rules. The Organiser has the right to refuse to present the prize if the participant has not fulfilled the campaign rules. To collect the prize, the winner must present an identity document to the Organiser.
8. The IIZI insurance credit is valid until 31.12.2020.
9. The win will not be substituted with another type of award or issued in cash.
10. Employees of IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS are not eligible to participate in the campaign.
11. The Campaign Organiser has the unilateral right to interrupt the campaign and cancel the issuing of the award due to the occurrence of force majeure conditions.
12. Additional information on the campaign can obtained by writing to or telephoning 16660
13. All complaints in connection with the organisation and/or performance of the campaign must be sent by 30.11.2019 to the e-mail address, with the keyword ' Put Insurance in the Jar!'.

Insuring is iizi.

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