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Data is the most valuable asset of our century. Cyber-attacks (hacking, malware, ransom or phishing letters) are becoming the rule rather than the exception.

Cyber risks insurance is for companies whose everyday activities depend on information technology systems and web solutions or who collect people’s personal data (for example health information) or important financial information (for example credit card information).

Cyber risks insurance is important because:

  • It covers expenses for crisis management and informing of a data leakage without deductibles
  • It covers claims related to a ransom claim without deductibles (damage minimisation expenses or payment of a ransom)
  • It covers damage caused to the company, for example expenses for restoring data and systems
  • It covers business interruption damage as a result of a cyber incident
  • It ensures funds for compensating for liability insurance claims
  • It creates access to prime damage compensation service
  • It adds a sense of security in preparing for the data protection regulation (GDPR)

We are convinced that cyber insurance is as important as insuring a company’s tangible property. Data breaches and cyber-attacks are a new risk for companies and the need to insure against them is ever-increasing.

  • Our cyber risks solution partner is London’s leading technology insurance specialist
  • Our team is dedicated to increasing companies’ data protection and cyber awareness
  • We work together with local specialist in the fields of law and information technology
  • We are cyber insurance opinion formers in Estonia

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