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Liability insurance ensures funds for the compensation for damage and for covering legal expenses related to a loss event, and it raises the company’s reliability and gives assurance as to the continuity of the company’s activities. Liability insurance compensates for damage for which an insured company is liable under law and in connection with which a reasoned claim is filed.

A liability insurance contract creates an advantage for a company when it comes to competing in their area of activity and in meeting requirements arising from the law or a contract. To develop an appropriate solution we thoroughly analyse the risks related to the company’s activities and we dig deep into the processes of your business activities.

  • We navigate he details of liability insurance and therefore we can put together the appropriate insurance solution.
  • We know what the local and foreign insurance market can offer.
  • Purchasing an insurance contract is supported by our team’s legal knowledge and experiences.

Look beyond the price when it comes to choosing insurance. Request an offer by writing to: or calling 16660!

The main liability insurance services are:

  • Liability insurance for a company’s activity. The service makes it possible to insure risks related to a company’s activities, including to immovable property in the possession of the company.
  • Liability insurance related to production and products. The manufacturer is liable for damage caused by a defective product or inadequate user manual. In addition to the direct manufacturer, product-related liability may be insured by a distributor, importer, compiler and so on. Separate insurance can be taken out for expenses related to withdrawing and utilising a defective product and informing the public or third parties.
  • Employer’s liability insurance. The service allows compensation in the case of an occupational accident or occupational disease. Subject to compensation are, among other things, unreceived wages and medical devices in the case of incapacity for work, funeral expenses and expenses related to providing maintenance in the case of a death, recourse by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and so on.
  • Professional liability insurance. The service is related to voluntary and mandatory (obligation to insure is provided by law) liability insurance contracts for various professional activities. The following persons are insured: architects and engineers, lawyers and trustees in bankruptcy, notaries, auditors and accountants, providers of medical services, patent attorneys, bailiffs, insurance brokers and providers of financial service and so on.
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